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                            • T400 continuous solvent recovery machine

                              T400 continuous solvent recovery machine

                              Main functions and brief introduction of the equipment1: Water-cooled continuous solvent recovery machine, feeding 450l, total capacity of bucket tank is 550l, power 32KW, minimum ...


                            • T400 dual system solvent recovery machine

                              T400 dual system solvent recovery machine

                              Main functions and brief introduction of the equipment1: Water-cooled continuous solvent recovery machine, feeding 450 liters, total barrel capacity 550 liters, power 32KW, recover...


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                          Explosion-proof, safety, automation, low energy consumption, environmental protection, cost saving

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                          The cost of the invested equipment can be recovered within three months to save costs and pass environmental inspection

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                          It has been well received by our partners for ten years

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                          Research and development, manufacturing, promotion and service products are in line with the national explosion-proof standards, energy conservation, environmental protection requirements

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                          Zhongshan city jie xing environmental protection equipment co., LTD., founded in 2009, is a focus on production sales solvent recovery machine, water distillation equipment, automatic solvent recovery equipment of the enterprise, the company for large, medium and small enterprises with solvent recovery, waste water distillation, oil recovery and reuse of services and equipment, with our professional technology, attentive service, for customers to provide safe, high quality industrial environmental protection equipment, create greater value for customers, win over support of different clients. The company produces the solvent recovery machine with PID control and PLC automatic recycling machine, equipment respectively national machine explosion-proof certification, Europe and America CE certification, integrity service AAA certification, by the insurance company underwriting product liability insurance.
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