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            Characteristics of riveting process of precision metal stamping parts

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            Characteristics of riveting process of precision metal stamping parts

            Release date:2015-05-13 00:00 Source:http://www.gotokim.com Views:

            Precision metal stamping parts are widely used in all fields of our life, including some electronic components, auto parts, decorative materials, etc.. We usually say that the stamping is usually refers to the cold stamping parts, for example, a piece of iron to turn it into a fast food dish, it is to design a set of mold, the working surface of the die is a plate shape and mold for pressing the iron becomes dish you want the, this is cold stamping, is the direct use of the mold in metal stamping.

            Different kinds of stamping parts processing technology, the need for different levels of hardness of the plate. Used for stamping parts processing of aluminum alloy sheet available Merriam Webster Hardness Tester, material thickness is larger than 13mm can switch to Barcol hardness meter, pure aluminum or low hardness aluminum alloy plate should be used to Barcol hardness meter.

            Stamping parts riveting process:

            1 the reform process, the mold and the operation mode, the realization of the manual work. For large quantities of production, can be from the reform process and mold to achieve mechanization and automation. For example, the use of automation, multi station stamping machinery and equipment, the use of multi - Industrial and mechanical into production equipment, the use of continuous mode, composite mold, such as combined process measures. All of these can not only ensure the safety of the stamping operations, but also greatly improve the production efficiency, which is the development direction of stamping technology. Small lot, many varieties of stamping production, the current difficult to achieve automation, the proper way is to try to use safety, labor intensity is small, easy to use. At the same time, it can also reform the positioning of the mold, out of the waste and other processes, so that the operation is more safe.

            2 install protective device. Because of the small quantity of production, the safety protection device must be installed in order to prevent the damage caused by the operation failure. Various protective devices have different characteristics and the scope of use, the use of improper will still hurt. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the role of various protective devices, in order to achieve the correct use, to ensure the operation safety.

            3 transform stamping equipment, improve production safety and reliability. At present, there are many unsafe factors in the operating system and electrical control system of many old stamping equipment, which will continue to use the corresponding technology. Stamping equipment manufacturing plant should improve product design, to ensure the safety and reliability of the stamping equipment.

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