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            Process of precision parts processing

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            Process of precision parts processing

            Release date:2015-05-13 00:00 Source:http://www.gotokim.com Views:

            With the development of economy and technology, the market demand has changed, the traditional technology of low-end machine tool has been unable to meet the needs of modern construction, the demand for high-end machine tool. In the face of market changes, China's machine tool industry is clearly not in time to make a change. Domestic machinery processing machine tool exports decline, foreign high-end machine tool a lot of imports. At present, China's high-end CNC system and functional components are still mainly rely on imports, precision parts processing machine tool products import high. China has the world's largest machine tool manufacturers, but the lack of technical strength and international machine tool manufacturers, China's economic construction, key projects need to rely mainly on imports of high-grade bed, domestic mid-range CNC system market share of only 5%, while the high-end bed required 95% of the numerical control system, the domestic market share of 30%. The transformation of the manufacturing industry of precision parts manufacturing in China is extremely urgent.

            In order to make the numerical control machining of precision metal parts, the programmer must master the geometric parameters and the relations among the elements. Because in the automatic programming to the part of the outline of all geometric elements of the definition, manual programming to calculate the coordinates of each node, no matter which point is not clear or uncertain, programming can not be carried out.

            But because of part design personnel in the design process considering not weeks or ignored, often showing parameters not full or unclear, such as arc and straight line, arc and circle is tangent or intersect or deviation. So in the review and analysis of drawings, be sure to carefully, and found the problem in time to contact the design staff.

            In the process of machining, the machining method of precise parts can directly change the shape, size and surface quality of the production object, so that it can be used as the process of qualified parts. Production process refers to the whole process of turning raw materials into products. The production process of mechanical products generally include: production and technical preparation, production of rough, spare parts processing, product assembly and production services.

            Precision parts processing precision machine tools, such as precision parts, such as precision parts, in practice. It can be achieved by the conservative removal of precision machining method to achieve the desired accuracy goals. In detail, the method of milling or turning can be used to accomplish the accuracy target for the non ferrous metals, and the accuracy can be accomplished by grinding, grinding and grinding.

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