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            Seven characteristics of metal stamping die

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            Seven characteristics of metal stamping die

            Release date:2015-05-13 00:00 Source:http://www.gotokim.com Views:

            Seven characteristics of metal stamping die for precision metal stamping

            (1) high production efficiency per unit time to complete the number of parts or process content than the general processing method is several times higher, even hundreds of thousands of times. And metal stamping process can also be used in a set of molds on a multi -, multi - process combination of processing methods to further improve the production efficiency.

            (2) product quality is stable, the exchange of good use of metal stamping die forming products, the impact of product quality change, the low risk of low. Some factors can take appropriate measures to correct, so that the quality of products in the ideal range of J product quality stability can effectively guarantee the exchange of. Good interchange is the basic guarantee of mass production. At the same time is also conducive to the maintenance of products, replacement.

            (3) high utilization rate of material through the different layout methods, such as: cross, oblique direction, multi row, mixing, zigzag, even without waste layout way can effectively improve the utilization rate of materials, reduce the material cost of the product.

            (4) the material does not need to be heated in general, in the case of stamping operations, the material is not required to heat. This will not only save energy, reduce heating equipment and site occupancy, but also to avoid the heat caused by the surface oxidation of products, burn and deformation caused by the shape of instability. Can also prevent the adverse effect of temperature rise to die.

            (5) the mechanical properties of the workpiece are improved by the metal stamping as a hardening phenomenon, the impact of the surface microstructure, hardness and wear resistance increase, and the strength and rigidity of the parts are also improved.

            (6) adapted to a wide range of products that are suitable for stamping. Can solve many general mechanical processing can not or difficult to complete the processing content, especially for some thin, soft, hard, strange, micro parts, or non metal parts processing, metal stamping forming is almost the only method of processing.

            (7) the operation is simple and the forming process and the basic quality of the low labor intensity of the workers are mostly made by the mould and stamping equipment. The operator did not require high technology, after short-term training, can mount guard operation.

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