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            Metal stamping

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            Metal stamping

            Release date:2015-05-13 00:00 Source:http://www.gotokim.com Views:

            Metal stamping is the use of punch and die will iron, aluminum, copper and other materials and anisotropic material to its deformation or fracture, to achieve a certain shape and size of a process. In foreign countries will be called sheet metal forming. In our country, there is such a call. The sheet forming refers to the use of plate, wall, thin profile as raw materials. The forming process of plastic forming is called sheet metal forming.

            A separate mold, metal stamping, cold stamping, small to stainless steel snack plate, to the automotive covering parts, you see the car shell is used to punch out, the mold is divided into two parts, upper die and lower die, most of the mould is die is the standard, that is like a fast food dish shape, the upper die to be processed into a concave, is to go and as a standard model to match, so that the upper die and lower die to press, the press the mold, sheet metal, is iron, steel or stainless steel and so on five gold material, press pressure, you want hardware products out. Precision metal stamping production

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