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            Mold industry development, and actively meet the challenges

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            Mold industry development, and actively meet the challenges

            Release date:2015-05-13 00:00 Source:http://www.gotokim.com Views:

            According to customs statistics, in 2008, China's total imports and exports of mold 3926000000 u.. Among them, the total imports of $2004000000, total exports of $1922000000. In 2009 the total import and export volume of China's mold was $3807000000, down by 3.03% compared with 2008. The total imports of $1964000000, a decrease of 2% compared to 2008; total exports of $1843000000, a decrease of 4.11% compared to 2008. In 2009 by the international financial crisis, the impact of import and export volume has declined, the deficit has been the existence of. Why has maintained the mold industry's trade deficit? Kunshan mold design analysis of the following two reasons: 1, the State encourages the import policy.

            The technology is not to "nurture" but to "buy", which is the industry's development strategy has been adhering to the industry of our country. We realized that in technology, especially in the core manufacturing technology, the state and the enterprise are interested in changing the current passive dilemma, in order to accelerate the pace of development, shorten the time of technological upgrading. Government and enterprises are inclined to buy technology and machinery, equipment to buy high configuration. It takes time to cultivate talents, rather than to buy more convenient. There are a lot of private enterprises and their equipment than foreign enterprises, than the Japanese are advanced, but also to hire Japanese technical staff or technical consultants, deputy general manager at the scene to guide. It is our spare no effort to introduce the high price of machinery and equipment and personnel, to maintain the trade deficit for so many years.

            Although China has a large number of trade surplus every year, but in the mold industry, the annual deficit. According to data provided by the China Die &amp; Mold Industry Association, since entering in twenty-first Century, China's mold sales increased at an average of about 20% per year, in 2009 China's mold product sales of nearly 100000000000 yuan. But every year the industry's trade deficit is about 1000000000 yuan, as the mother of the industry's mold industry, why the export of the weak? Muckraking mold trade deficit and to explore the long-term development of the mold, the Permanent Secretary of the international mould and hardware plastic industry suppliers association long Luo Baihui in-depth analysis. The

            2, in the high-end technology to be improved.

            More than 40% of the world's mold products are manufactured in China, the world's top IT, digital products are made by China foundry, in the field of mold manufacturing has been in line with international standards. But in the end the precision machine tool technology, we temporarily still has difference, the main reason is due to master the technology of the country outflow at the limits of technology, Japan, Germany for high-end machine is export restrictions, for example, DMG high-end five axis machine tools limits exports to China. Even the high-end technical staff to the field of employment is also limited, they are worried about the loss of personnel is accompanied by the outflow of technology. Another more important factor is that we do not have to train personnel, there is no focus on technology research and development habits. This reason is related to the above "only pay attention to buy".

            How to make the Chinese mold industry more healthy growth?

            1, national policy to re train.

            On the one hand is to foreign, private to give equal treatment, in tax and other policies to listen to the voice of the industry. Before the highly attention to the automotive industry mold import bill proposed tax standard and not in accordance with the "B" "wheelbase" and "displacement" to divide, but according to the price division, import mold if production is more than 30 million cars, free giving advice or pay taxes according to regulations. Such a motion to promote some of the low quality of the mold in the domestic production, is indeed conducive to the development of the domestic industry, may wish to refer to.

            On the other hand, the national key training a number of key enterprises. China's mold manufacturing technology has been greatly improved, some have been close to or reached the international level, in the list of the 95 China has been announced to include China's auto parts mold key enterprises, China's large precision plastic mold key enterprises, China foundry mold key enterprises and other major categories of mold enterprises, including China plastic profiled material extrusion die key enterprises, China special glass mold key enterprises and other small mold enterprises, play a leading role.

            2, the development of cluster mode of production.

            Die City (Park, agglomeration production base) and the mold alliance can provide the majority of mold enterprises to provide a multi service. As an important part of information technology for the industry, small and medium enterprise service platform for small and medium enterprises in the mold industry is the state of the country to the real economy, the small and medium enterprises to establish a specific form of service platform, will help the park construction, improve the level of small and medium enterprises, public information service platform will get faster development, its service functions and the promotion of the majority of small and medium enterprises will become more productive.

            In recent years, the cluster, mold, production development, the "mold city" a total of more than 50, have been completed and the "mold city" Dongguan Hengli mold City, Zhejiang Yuyao mold City, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, mold industry Experimental Zone, Ninghai mold City, China (Botou) automobile mould with Town, Huanghua mold City, city of Changsha international mold, Chengdu mold industrial park, Beilun mold Park, Dalian mold city has played a positive role, and extends the industrial chain, reduce the operation cost, promote the competition and cooperation within the cluster, to promote the professional market and

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