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            High strength fasteners will be the focus of future development of China

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            High strength fasteners will be the focus of future development of China

            Release date:2014-08-07 00:00 Source:http://www.gotokim.com Views:

            Production of the world's first upgrade from the quality to the brand

            For many years, the Chinese fastener in the continuous two digit growth, 2012 fastener industry negative growth, down 1.5%, the main reason is the lack of market demand, in particular, fasteners in the international anti-dumping, export sales are down. Advanced fasteners are high-end machinery manufacturing, its role can be called four two dial a thousand pounds". On the surface of the output value accounted for only a few percent of the machinery industry. In essence, it gives the added value of key components and equipment much higher.

            Nearly 10 years, China fasteners that have attracted the attention of the world the pace of development, in developed countries feel surprised at the same time, but also allow them to find a new market, transnational corporations in single file into the room. When the domestic fastener enterprises survive in the market suddenly feel so hard, strong competitors have blossom everywhere. Today's China fastener market, a number of small and medium fasteners manufacturing enterprises a large number of ordinary standard parts, and no real core competitiveness of enterprises, but subject to raw materials, human costs and other conditions, from 4.8 to 6.8 low intensity, or 8.8 to 12.9 high strength fasteners, the current production technology level will be basically close to the world advanced level, mainly for ordinary standard parts and low, medium grade special, large amount of low price. To sum up the leading market for low grade products, high-grade, high precision, high strength fasteners still need to import, product import unit price and export price ratio gap is about 6 times more than that, we can see that China's fastener industry is still in the development of the industry, and the United States, Japan and South Korea, Taiwan region, and the lack of technical services to solve mechanical fastening solutions, product, design, manufacturing and management of green.

            It is understood that the development of fasteners in our country is more and more pressure on resources and environment, the important way to ease the constraints of resources is the development of green manufacturing. Fastener development, in the next period of time will continue to move forward in the direction of brand management, and promote the development of the full range of fasteners. In the product, the high-end products will accelerate the localization of quality research and development, from the design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, use to scrap processing of the whole process, must take into account the least waste, lowest emissions, resource utilization and environmental impact is minimal, so that the enterprise benefit and social benefit coordination and optimization; in circulation, to explore a variety of value-added services, to bring value and benefits. From the provision of a single set of fasteners to provide mechanical fastening solutions, custom services, remote monitoring, service in the fastener manufacturing company's sales revenue in the proportion will gradually increase. Enterprise restructuring is the trend of Strategic Alliance for development

            At present, the problem of the industrial concentration of the fastener enterprises in China is not high, which seriously restricts the improvement of the competitiveness of China's fastener industry. Over the years the market has not brought the core technology. China's growth in the core technology of fasteners in the lack of breakthrough. At the same time, the living space of low-grade products is getting smaller and smaller, the foreign capital through the localization of enterprises also have a considerable cost advantage, coupled with the advantages of technology brands, began to enter the market space of the original independent brands.

            In view of the above situation, the reorganization and strategic alliance between enterprises is a major trend. China fastener industry must comply with this trend and trend, strengthen strategic cooperation between enterprises, improve the overall competitiveness of China's fastener. However, to promote the restructuring and strategic alliance between China fastener enterprises, we should follow the following three principles: from the strategic needs of the enterprise itself, follow the principle of complementary advantages, and pay attention to the integration of the culture, and must implement the standardization of the operation. Can be used in the automobile fastener enterprise.

            Future growth of fasteners is still very difficult

            China fastener economic system is the problem, resulting in tight and low product liquidity, China mold network believes in the domestic and international macroeconomic does not appear big fluctuations, in 2013 China's fastener production and sales growth will bid farewell to 2012 negative growth, low speed growth will become the norm, sales growth remained at between 6% ~ 3%. In the product diversification of the market structure, we can not determine which products will become the main market, the future is still very difficult to tighten the firmware.

            China automobile annual output of 20000000 vehicles, the demand for fasteners up to 50000000000 or more, about 1200000 tons; machinery industry in the "Twelfth Five Year" period to maintain the development, the average annual growth rate remained at about 10% ~ 5%, high-end equipment growth is higher than the whole industry is more than double the growth rate.

            High-end CNC machine tools, marine heavy equipment, precision parts, power transmission and transformation equipment and electrical automation equipment machinery industry because of its high technical barriers and manufacturing cycle to shorten, resulting in capacity increase is limited, and power grid construction, new energy development and accelerating the downstream demand a substantial increase, so for the downstream demand growth to faster than supply growth, the industry of fasteners demand remain strong.

            Textile and garment machinery, packaging machinery, hardware and tools, power equipment, such as machinery, although the industry has not been significantly increased, but due to the lower reaches of the industry boom decline in demand, resulting in oversupply situation, the industry's demand for fasteners has declined

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